Continuing Education

Drs. Palermo-Edwards & Cacchillo are committed to continuing education for themselves, their staff and the surrounding dental community.  In 2004, the doctors became Ohio State Dental Board approved sponsors for providing continuing edcuation and began their first study club.  This study club started out with 15 hygienists in attendance and has grown to be a bi-annual event with over 100 dentists and hygienists in attendance. 

Since 2004, Drs. Palermo-Edwards & Cacchillo have provided over 1600 dentists and hygienists in excess of 3200 hours of continuing education.  With the addition of the IMPACT dental study club in 2011 and the SPEAR dental study club in 2012, we expect these numbers to continue to grow!

Drs. Palermo-Edwards & Cacchillo have provided the majority of the CE courses, but have also been very fortunate to utilize a vast network of outside speakers to contribute and enhance the courses.  We are proud to provide this service to our peers and thoroughly enjoy the camraderie, education and networking that is afforded by these wonderful events. 

Why do we do it?  It’s simple.  The more educated the doctors and hygienists are who provide treatment, the better treatment patients receive!  We hope that by staying educated, educating our surrounding dental community and fostering communication our patients can recieve the best care possible.